Cannabis Dispensaries – Summary

A cannabis dispensary is basically a retail store which officially sells cannabis accessories and products. There are basically two categories: adult-use cannabis dispensaries and medical cannabis dispensaries. In the United States, medicinal cannabis use is legal in approximately 33 states; however, marijuana use is illegal in the remaining majority of states.You may find more information at dispensaries near me.

In Canada, there are many licensed private growers and producers of marijuana for consumption. However, in the rest of Canada there are strictly regulated marijuana dispensaries or “grown clubs” where only medical cannabis is sold. Recently in British Columbia, a motion was passed to have marijuana dispensaries operating within the province.

Currently in the state of Colorado, recreational marijuana users and suppliers are not allowed to sell marijuana to anyone under the age of eighteen. Although, this legislation has not been implemented, it is becoming the trend in the state of Colorado. In contrast, in Washington State, medical marijuana use is not against the law but marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to do business within the state. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to any state in the United States where cannabis dispensaries are legal, you should be aware of the laws regarding the possession and sale of recreational and medical marijuana in that state.

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