Cape Coral Polished Concrete – Uses

Polished concrete refers to any concrete that has been given a polished finish or is in the process of being polished. Polished concrete is the final stage in the concrete cutting process and is achieved by honing, grinding, polishing, cutting and pumping concrete to achieve the desired finish. Polished concrete can be used as a floor finish as it will withstand wear and tear over many years.Kindly visit Cape Coral polished concrete to find more information.

Polished concrete is normally a four-step process whereby a basic concrete floor is manually ground, polished and then honed using bonded abrasive particles in order to remove the surface of the underlying concrete floor. After this work is done, it is then polished with each polish to attain a specific level of look. Polished concrete floors may also be honed, but without using bonded abrasive particles. In this case, the concrete floor is first made to have an ultra-smooth finish by pounding it heavily with a drum roller before a buffing compound is applied to the floor.

Polished concrete is used on a large scale in most modern buildings and is achieved by a dye mixer design. The first step in the design is to determine the right polishing product such as a buff or paste wax with appropriate amounts of water and an acid-based resin carrier. The next step is to create a dye mixture to adhere the polishing product to the surface of the concrete. This color is referred to as the rind in the compound because it is made up of the pigment red engine and the binder resin. Most of today’s polishes contain either citric acid or hydroxy citric acid to achieve the best possible finish.

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