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Cloud Faxing – An Intro

Most people refer to cloud faxing by various other terms, such as online faxing, web faxing and email faxing. Cloud fax services are used in place of traditional fax machines and computers, and the service provider offers you a toll free fax number through which you can send and receive documents. This method of faxing offers you the ability to access your faxes from any location as long as you have an internet connection and a phone with an internet card. Cloud fax services can be used for sending and receiving documents digitally over the internet, rather than using physical fax equipment and papers. see their post

Faxes that are sent to a Cloud-based fax machine will be received on your computer, where you have access to a private area for storing and transferring documents. Cloud fax software allows you to make as many copies of a document as you want and also allows you to preview documents in different formats and zoom in and out. You can also set up automatic or manual transmissions, depending on how often you need to send documents. A Cloud-based fax system uses your existing internet connection and any internet enabled devices that you may own, such as smart phones, laptops, netbooks and USB modems, to access your faxes. This type of fat does not use any paper, so you do not have to worry about disposing of any unused pages.

In the past, not all providers provided true cloud faxing functionality. Modern providers that have implemented true Cloud functionality are able to transmit documents as faxes in real time, and have tools that allow multiple users to send the same fax to multiple recipients. Some providers may not provide all of the functionality that you need, and you should always ask a Cloud Faxing provider for more information about their capabilities and pricing options.