Choose Right Janitorial Service For Your Business

Before allowing anybody inside your place of business, be sure you can trust them; after all, these are the individuals who will be cleaning your facilities after business hours. Your keys and alarm codes will be in their possession, but the reality is that few cleaning firms do comprehensive background checks on their workers. The first question you should ask the person handling your bid is if each employee has been finger printed and has had their background checked. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it will save you time and money in the long run. Browse this site listing about Southwestern Building Maintenance – Janitorial Services
The second and most essential item that most businesses overlook is liability insurance coverage. Nowadays, every cleaning service claims to be licenced, bonded, and insured, but the reality is that most businesses overlook this when signing up for the service. This is critical since accidents can happen, and if anything goes wrong, you don’t want to spend time in court trying to recover money from someone who can’t afford to pay for general liability insurance. One million dollars in insurance coverage is the very least you should seek.
The third tip is to attempt to avoid contracts; regardless of how persuasive a salesperson is or how fantastic a bargain you are given, it is always worth paying a little more for the ease of not being locked into a year-long commitment. You get scalability as a result of this. Another term for scalability is flexibility. Outsourcing allows you to simply alter the amount of personnel for facility operations on an as-needed basis, lowering operating expenses and allowing you to quickly respond to changes in staffing and service needs. Aside from that, it keeps the cleaning service on their toes to avoid the competitors stealing their business. If you do decide to sign a contract, make sure you have the flexibility to change personnel requirements as needed by the company.
The fourth thing to keep an eye out for is a personal choice: franchise cleaning services vs. local janitorial services: which is better? The reality is that franchises, like any other company, are simply the name you’re paying for; on top of that, you’re paying royalties, franchise fees, and most franchise companies have a required minimum yearly contract for their consumers. Haven’t we all had terrible experiences with contracts? For example, after 6 months of service, you discover the service is not what you expected and the customer service is terrible, but you must still complete the contract to avoid fines. Smaller family-owned companies, on the other hand, are often home-based and engage with enterprises on a more personal basis. Smaller janitorial services rely on word-of-mouth, which we all know is the most essential factor in ensuring the highest quality of work. Because these companies operate on a month-to-month basis, they virtually never need contracts to be signed. They usually just demand a 30-day written notice to discontinue the service.
Finally, check the quality of their job; most cleaning businesses have websites or portfolios of their work, as well as active client accounts. Although most customers would not allow potential customers to go through their facilities for privacy concerns, this is another reason why not being locked into a contract is a wonderful method to test out a cleaning service and see if they are a good fit to work with.