Choosing The Right Dog Boarding Kennel For Your Dog

Do you need to go away for the weekend? What about a resort with limo rides around town, in-suite dining with char-grilled Filet Mignon delicately seasoned presented with a place setting of beautiful, Irish linen; spa treatments and deep tissue massages; and “guest rooms equipped with fresh pee pee pads for those who like to urinate inside”? Oh, you thought this was a recommendation? No, this is a dog boarding kennel, uh, “pet resort,” and it seems like a pleasant location for your dog to vacation while you do the same. However, for the rest of us, a basic, clean, and pleasant facility where our dogs are secure and well-cared for would suffice; however, how can we determine which boarding kennel is appropriate for our furry friends?Do you want to learn more? Visit over here

Asking your veterinarian or another reputable animal care expert for a suggestion is a good place to start, followed by some research and plenty of questions. The state of Ohio now performs boarding kennel inspections twice a year, so be sure the kennel you select has a certificate from the state showing that it fulfils the state’s requirements. You should also find out whether the kennel is a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association, which compels members to follow a code of ethics. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see whether any complaints have been made against the kennel you’re considering.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, schedule a tour of the kennel facilities and discuss any unique requirements your dog may have to ensure they can be met. Then keep an eye out for the following:

Is the facility spotless and odor-free?

Is there enough light and ventilation?

Is the temperature kept at a comfortable level?

Is the staff well-informed and considerate?

Is it necessary for pets to be up to date on their vaccines, including Bordetella?

Is there an appropriate indoor-outdoor run for each dog, as well as an exercise schedule?

Is it possible to run outside without being exposed to the elements?

Is there any bedding or resting boards available for dogs to take a break from the concrete?

How frequently are pets fed, and do you have access to food?

What kinds of veterinary services are offered? Is there a fee if they provide medication?

Are there any other services, such as grooming or training, available?

Is there a dog expert on hand who can properly assess dog body language and safely remove dogs that are exhibiting aggressive or reactive tendencies if the dogs are permitted to play in groups? (This is a crucial point! Many times, “play” that isn’t really “play” but bullying or aggressiveness is tolerated, and this may affect your dog’s future emotional condition with other dogs.

Are pups kept apart from adult dog play, and what are their age requirements?

Is your dog’s breed accepted at the kennel?

Another topic to discuss with your prospective kennel owner is if your dog has any phobias, such as thunderstorms or other loud sounds, fear of males or certain persons, or any other behavioural problems that may arise while you are away. This is especially essential if there is a safety concern about your dog biting someone or injuring himself in an effort to flee the kennel due to severe fear.