Customized kitting- Info

Kitting is a term used to describe the process of making customized kits. It is usually divided into three different types: dry kitting, wet kitting and hydraulic kitting. Dry kitting involves the use of only one material while wet and hydraulic kitting involve the use of two materials. The assembly of the dry kitting material and the wet material is called kitting compression. Browse this site listing about Customized kitting
Customized kitting, or assembly kitting, is very common in the assembly lines. The assembly process for such type of product takes place through casting, cutting, punching or extrusion. Kitting services are required when there is a need for the production of certain types of customized kits. Some common types of products manufactured through customized kitting are auto parts, marine parts, garden products, hardware, automotive products, medical devices, food products and many more. The manufacturers who provide such services deal with material type, size, shape and weight of the product that is to be manufactured.
Customized kitting suppliers have to deal with all sorts of customized kits. Kitting services are needed when making customized kits of parts for automobiles, trucks, boats, building structures, electronics, industrial products and others. It has become essential for companies to find a specialized source for manufacturing parts or assemblies because it has become a time consuming, costly and energy-draining job if they have to acquire such materials from other sources and this also consumes valuable man hours.