Extreme Sports- Info

These X-Games extreme sports series are all about making the impossible possible. These skateboarding, BMX and stunt bike games that you see on TV and the Internet were developed for real skateboarders, BMX bikers, motorcyclists and anything that has wheels and can roll around a track. X-Games have always been about competition and making impossible things possible in the blink of an eye. And now they have taken this to the extreme with the new series that is called X-Games Extreme Sports.Do you want to learn more? view here

The main team of X-Games is called Kino Games and they have made some amazing games before. They have done Tony Hawk’s Highwayestyle and they have developed the game called Proving Ground. But this time they have developed two games that will surely make jaws drop and that is X-Gaps and X-Games Proving Ground. These games feature real skateboarders from all over the world that have been brought together to form the ultimate skateboarding team.

This time around it is the X-Games that will be the ones making history. Two teams of skateboarders from around the world have been put together to try and become the world champs. And one of these teams is going to be the one that takes home the prize money as the “Champs.” It will be a very intense rivalry that is made even more exciting because of the awesome graphics and the music from this year’s X-Games.