Guide to Proper Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn is a portion of earth-covered ground, often planted with durable shrubs and other hardy plants like clover that are keeping at a low height with only a lawn mower to keep them in good condition and used as recreational and aesthetic purposes. A lawn’s water retention capability, weed control and the aesthetic value of the lawn are usually taken into consideration by most homeowners who would want to have a good looking and healthy lawn. However, these factors alone cannot determine if a lawn needs to be maintained or if they can just be left to their own devices. If you are looking for more tips, check out King GREEN – Norcross Lawn Care

It has been defined as the condition of the soil that supports the plants and other organisms within it. This definition was made based on the fact that most of us usually do not see the complete extent of the soil’s condition. The soil is typically viewed from above and from a distance, which only adds to the illusion of the richness of the soil. On the other hand, it is important to note that the soil is porous and the definition also includes any plants that reside in it. Thus, proper yard care entails having the soil tested so that the homeowner can determine the proper amount of nutrients needed to sustain the life of the plants.

Proper care of a lawn also involves the use of the correct equipment and supplies to maintain it. Lawn care equipment and supplies include weed killers, fertilizers, weed retards, rototiller, landscaping tools and mowers. These tools and supplies are used to make the entire lawn look neat and healthy and to ensure that it will stay that way. There is a need for proper yard care because aside from the beauty and the aesthetic value of a lawn, it serves as a good habitat for various types of natural flora and fauna that are already present in the surroundings and thus, it is best that we take care of it to prevent destruction of these eco-friendly flora and fauna.