Gym Membership, Attendance and My Tax Incentives Plan

Not everyone belongs to a gym, and not everyone who goes to a gym actually works out. Many gym members do not go on a regular basis, but those who do are in better shape than those who do not. Because of the sorts of food we eat and our lack of exercise, we have an obesity epidemic in the United States.Do you want to learn more? Visit Gold’s Gym West Broadway – Vancouver Gym

These figures are producing major problems in our health-care system, and when we consider a universal healthcare system for all Americans, one must wonder how we will be able to fund it if two-thirds of our population is overweight and already has medical problems.

I suggest a tax credit for gym subscription combined with attendance. People who exercise or go to the gym should be given a tax break since they are in better form and pose a lower risk of illness. They are entitled to decrease health-care insurance premiums because they will be paying less.

Furthermore, because these people are unlikely to cost the government’s health-care system a lot of money, they deserve a reward. Why should my health-care insurance and taxes be used to support someone who is overweight, neglects their health, eats unhealthy foods, and refuses to exercise?

It doesn’t make sense to me, and I’m not willing to pay for it. If we have to bribe Americans to get them back in shape, we’d be better off doing it now rather than paying for health-care costs later when their bodies fail due to lack of activity.