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You can seal cracks as soon as you find them, no matter how tiny they are. This, combined with a mitigation system, will keep your health and that of your family in good shape. Many cases of lung cancer and other serious medical conditions have been linked to radon gas, so don’t overlook this aspect of home safety.Do you want to learn more? Visit Radon Mitigation of the Rockies Colorado Springs-Radon Mitigation Colorado Springs

If you’ve had a radon test and the results show that the level is higher than 4 PCi/L, you should instal a radon mitigation system immediately. Typically, this system keeps gas concentrations at levels that aren’t harmful. It actually reduces the levels by up to 2 PCi/L. Surprisingly, if you later plan to sell the house that has this device built, the price will be very tangible.

Before installing any radon mitigation system, it’s best to seek advice from a professional. However, if you don’t want to, you should think about a few things. For example, the type of foundation and the house’s design. There are houses with a basic space under the first floor, others with concrete poured on the ground level, others that combine these two base styles, some with a crawl space and half a slab-on-grade, and so forth.

There are many procedures that may be needed to achieve radon mitigation, regardless of the nature of your home. In general, you can choose to prevent radon from entering your home by using special devices, or you can choose to reduce the gas concentration. You can control radon by installing underground fans, hiring radon contractors, and sealing cracks and openings in the walls, among other things. Radon Zone Map Pink areas are the most dangerous, followed by Orange and Yellow. To find out what your county’s specific risk level is, click here. The fan is frequently found in the attic, particularly if your foundation is slab-on-grade or in a crawl space.