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Tax arbitrage can steer resources toward activities with low tax rates, as intended by government policy. It is also likely to ensure that those who would gain the most from tax concessions, including those with the highest marginal tax rates, invest in tax-favoured regions. click here What is the Best Online Tax Service 2021?

Tax arbitrage is in line with the government’s policy purpose if policy goals are best accomplished. As a result, tax avoidance can be thought of as a form of tax arbitrage that goes against legislative or policy aim. What Allows People to Avoid Paying Taxes? The notion of arbitrage, as well as the possibilities of profiting from differentials that the notion of arbitrage implies, are the foundations of tax arbitrage. This description leads to the conclusion that tax evasion requires the presence of three conditions. It is necessary to have a difference in the effective marginal tax rates on economic profits. There must be a price difference for arbitrage to occur, and in tax arbitrage, this is a tax differential. A variable rate structure, such as a progressive rate scale, or rate differences that apply to different taxpayers, such as tax-exempt bodies or tax loss firms, may trigger such tax differences.

It may also occur if the tax base is not sufficiently broad, for example, since not all economic income is subject to income tax. It is important to be able to take advantage of tax differences by turning high-tax activity into low-tax activity. There will be no arbitrage if there are variations in tax rates but no opportunity to switch from high to low tax.

Even though these two conditions are met, tax arbitrage and avoidance are still not feasible. It’s possible that the tax system would combine high- and low-income taxpayers. A high-rate taxpayer may be able to transfer income to a low-rate taxpayer or turn highly-taxed income into a form that is less taxed.