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Landscape design is both an art and an independent professional profession, practiced mostly by landscape architects, merging together aesthetics, culture and nature. In modern practice, landscape architecture links the practical with the aesthetic by means of landscaping and design. It combines knowledge of art history, technical arts, mathematics, and engineering. The discipline is highly specialized and requires advanced degrees or long continuous training in order to work as a landscape architect.Do you want to learn more? Visit Landscape Design Tulsa

Landscape architecture is an art, and like any other form of art, it is best if the viewer does not know anything about the background in order to appreciate the work. In this field, knowledge of art history helps to determine the general theme of the design or landscape architecture. In particular, ancient Greek and Roman gardens were impressive, but only if we know something about their background and ideas. Nowadays, due to developments in mathematics, the use of such mathematical techniques as irrigation, soil treatments, and computer modeling can be applied to the development of landscapes. Landscape architecture is a very artistic and demanding profession.

There are certain things that guide the creation of a landscape design, which include: the landscape itself, natural vegetation and its cycles, man-made landmarks, architectural design factors, site location, site orientation, site usability, as well as other design factors, including weather, color schemes and materials. These factors will depend on the area that one intends to decorate. In the process of garden planning, it is important to make appropriate choices regarding the plants you want to use in order to create the kind of environment you want, as well as the types of fixtures that will support these plants. There are several types of garden planters and other landscape designs.

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