Major Points about Ocala Restaurants

One of the best restaurants in Ocala is called Ocala Restaurants and this place is great with a variety of different types of people from young to old ones, and the thing is that this place is a central point for all of the conveniences that Ocala has to offer. The Ocala Restaurants is on Airport Drive where it runs along Hwy # 34-9. It is just a short walk from the University of Florida, downtown Ocala, the Bonita Vista Water Park and the Silver Springs Casino. This place is not only known for the food they serve but for their decorations as well. When you go inside of Ocala, you can expect to have fresh salads, entrees, desserts, pasta, burgers and the all important wine and beer. I strongly suggest you to visit Ocala Restaurants to learn more about this.

If you are looking for a great place to eat and a place to drink then you need to check out Ocala Brazil’s Restaurant. This restaurant has four restaurants inside it, namely The Ocala Grill, Ocala Cafe, Ocala Kitchen and The Brooklyn Backyard. There are barbeque grills all over the restaurant which you can sit and watch while they cook your favorite dish. They even have a kids’ room and they serve juices and smoothies for you kids. On every week nights they host a karaoke and you will never see another guest like you there at Ocala Brazil.
The Ocala Restaurant also has a variety of different kinds of drinks and mixed drinks like the margaritas, pina coladas and they even have a special recipe just for the Margarita. The Ocala Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in scale with a variety of different food choices to choose from. In addition, if you ever get the chance to visit Ocala you might as well check out the Whiskey Bar. It might just be the best tasting bar in the wonderful state of the United States of America.


Ocala Downtown Market Restaurant
310 SE 3rd St, Ocala, Fl 34471
(352) 629-8051