Quick Recap About Apex Bail Bonds of Wentworth, NC

A bail bonds service is a type of organization that not only insures the defendant by way of an advanced cash amount, but also guarantees the posting of cash on the date scheduled for the trial. It is the work of the bail bonds service to arrange for the defendant’s posting of bail. A bail bonds service may be employed by any person, company or organization that will legally act as a guarantee, collateral or guarantor for the safety of a person or vehicle. Bail bonds services are licensed by the Department of Corrections to guarantee bail bonds on defendants who are incarcerated in local or state correctional facilities.You may want to check out  https://apexbailbonds.cabanova.com/ for more.

The defendant is then granted immediate release from the local jail by the judge upon completion of all requirements. The bail bonds service then takes over by preparing and presenting the proper forms to the court, stating the details of the agreement reached between the defendant and the agency on the scheduled court date. Once the court date is set, the defendant is usually released from jail after posting the full amount of bail.

If the defendant refuses to post the full bail amount, he may face criminal charges for refusal. Under the law, a bail bonds service is only allowed to submit a specific amount of money for guaranteeing the defendant’s appearance in the court on the specified court date. Since most people are aware that the full bail amount is required, many individuals looking for free legal advice do not know that they can also refuse to give money to the bail bonds service. In this case, the court will then impose a $100 fine on the defendant for refusing to give the full amount of bail.


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