Replacing the Siding on Your Home

You’ll have to deal with the decision of replacing your home’s siding. Your current siding can be in poor condition as a result of ware and tare caused by time and the elements. With this in mind, new siding on the house would be exposed to the same elements and period as the old siding. There are five major siding items available in North America. All have advantages and disadvantages; in the end, you must determine what is best for your house.By clicking here we get info about Chesapeake Concrete Contractors

Vinyl – The most common condition for most homeowners today is to replace their siding with vinyl. The majority of vinyl siding companies advertise maintenance-free siding and a prorated lifetime warranty. Color fading is not covered by any vinyl warranties. Vinyl siding can be repainted, but it must be done with a high-acrylic paint because vinyl expands and contracts a lot. Because of this expansion and contraction, vinyl siding cannot be considered maintenance-free, as strips can buckle and fasteners can loosen. Caulking is also used for replacing vinyl siding; new caulking would need to be reapplied after ten years. It becomes increasingly difficult to repair damaged vinyl siding as it fades, as the colour difference can create a patchwork look. Vinyl, on the other hand, does not scratch easily and can withstand hard knocks when it is still relatively fresh. Over time, older vinyl siding can become brittle.

Cedar – There are a lot of options when it comes to replacing your siding with cedar, and the price can vary a lot. The difference in installation time between cedar shake and cedar plank is important. Installing cedar shake siding can take up to a month and needs more than just a ladder. Cedar siding should be treated to prevent moss and algae from growing on it. Treated cedar also maintains a light colour, giving it the appearance of being much younger for a longer period of time. Moisture causes cedar to curl over time, making the shake brittle and easy to break if knocked or messed with. You have between twenty and thirty years until any cedar shake begins to break unless the cedar shake is half an inch thick.