San Antonio Oilfield Accident Attorney- Insights

Working in an oilfield is well-known as one of the most dangerous jobs around. Oilfield accidents have a reputation for causing serious injuries and this reputation is wholly deserved. Fracking is one of the most controversial oil extraction methods currently in use. It involves its own hazards, some of which may lead to serious injuries or deaths on the oilfields. Browse this site listing about San Antonio Oilfield Accident Attorney
Recently, five Louisiana oilfield workers were injured in a fracking operation. Their injuries, according to reports, occurred because of an equipment failure. These workers did not suffer life threatening injuries, though one of them had to be flown to a hospital for treatment.
Any oilfield can be a dangerous place. Because of the pressures and chemicals involved in the fracking process, however, there is the potential for serious injuries during these operations that may not be present during regular drilling operations. It’s imperative that workers in fields where fracking is being done are trained to deal with the unique hazards they face.
According to reporting by the Associated Press, two workers in Texas were burned in 2012 during a fracking accident. In that accident, the workers were using chemically treated water to harvest natural gas. An explosion left both of the men with 2nd degree burns, though the exact cause of the accident was not determined. The accident resulted in an evacuation of nearby houses.
High Risk
Oilfields are dangerous places to be. The oil and gas industry has high injury rates which mean that these workers have to be given extra safety training and equipment to be able to properly handle the potentially hazardous environment they work in. Of course, not all employers properly train or equip their employees. If you’ve been injured at a fracking site, you may want to consider contacting a personal injury lawyer for assistance with the matter.
Understanding Employer Negligence
There are claims filed every year where an employee alleges that their employer was negligent in some regard. Oftentimes, the negligence is in the form of not providing adequate safety equipment, not maintaining extraction equipment properly or deliberately placing workers in situations that were much more hazardous than they needed to be. These situations cost workers their lives and, when they’re lucky enough to walk away from the accident, they are sometimes still previously injured and end up suffering lost wages, high medical expenses and other hardships.
If you’ve been injured in a fracking accident, consider contacting a personal injury attorney in about the matter. They may be able to help you by filing a lawsuit, provided there is evidence of employer negligence. The attorney may also be able to get to the bottom of the situation if you’re not sure that negligence was involved.