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More durable materials will need more planning and, in some cases, multiple applications, but will need less re-striping in the future. Remember this when calculating costs, and keep visibility in mind as well. Security is crucial, and parking lot markings help to create an organised environment that is safer for users. If the lot will be used by the public, a well-striped lot will go a long way toward making a good first impression. Elite Sealcoating LLC has some nice tips on this.
Asphalt seal coating is required because, while asphalt has excellent waterproofing and adhesive properties, it also has some serious flaws related to its chemical composition, which allows weather, salts, and chemicals to easily dissolve the asphalt molecules. Asphalt will lose all of its original properties, such as waterproofing and binding, as these molecules are killed. A transition of colour from black to brown to grey is the first visual indication of this. Since asphalt is a by-product of petroleum distillation, it is easily dissolved by the numerous other petroleum-derived products.
This is due to the fact that these individual objects are from the same source and therefore have a natural affinity for one another, causing them to attempt to re-join when reassembled. As a result, both oil and gasoline dissolve asphalt, which contains several chemically identical compounds.
This problem is usually only seen on off-street, low-traffic pavements like driveways or side streets, where the oil and fuel will sit and soak in. Asphalt seal coating can withstand these other compounds and prevent these chemicals from reacting, increasing the life of the asphalt and reducing the need for costly repairs and patching.
your asphalt does need to be fixed, do so as soon as possible because no seal coating can protect the surface from water or other elements once it has been broken. Even though cracks tend to return after they appear, it’s still worth it to patch and fill them because it’s much less expensive than repaving an entire driveway or parking lot.