Email Database Chronicles

When you think of database marketing, what comes to mind? Do you think of those annoying daily emails you get from companies? Do you wonder how you would get everyone from your email program to a database? Does the thought of a “database” make your eyes roll? Maybe the thought of database marketing is one that excites you, but you want to know “how” to approach it.Do you want to learn more? Visit Email Database-E Database Marketing

No matter what your thoughts are on database marketing, I want you to consider the following:
Database marketing is one of the MOST miss-used and underappreciated forms of marketing.
Most small business owners end up in one of two situations.
Too much database marketing that it turns your prospective customers away
Nearly zero database marketing which doesn’t allow for repeat business
With these two extremes, I invite you to consider the following rules of database marketing. Apply these methods to your database (whether you have 300 past clients or 30,000) and watch your sales grow. The right marketing methods applied to a database can allow you to double your sales without adding a single new customer.
Build Equity – Each email that you send gives you the opportunity to add value to your customer’s lives. When you send emails that provide helpful tips, share a story, and are thought provoking you build up an emotional equity with your prospects. The more equity you build up the greater their loyalty to you.
Ask for the Sale -As some emails will be designed to build equity others will be designed to withdraw some of that equity and transform it into dollars. Keep in mind that when you ask for a sale you withdraw equity.
Call to Action – Regardless of whether you ask for the sale or are looking to build equity provide a call to action. Encourage them to put your free tip into action. Give them the confidence to pick up the phone and order from you. Don’t make your emails confusing; just provide one clear method of taking action (web, phone, or email).