Important Element for Gannon & Scott Inc – Precious Metals Reclamation

Even then, they employ a ‘shotgun’ strategy. Second, the scrap is given to the first person who arrives with cash in hand. People who you buy from want CASH, not the hassle of sending or shipping their discarded materials to someone who “may” send them a check. Regardless of how much scrap they have, it is only a little part of their business – to them, it is GRAVY!Do you want to learn more? Visit Gannon & Scott Inc – Precious Metals Reclamation

The doctor asked if I refined metals after we negotiated a transaction for his gold and amalgam (worth around $350 in profit alone). No, I told him, but I did know some great refiners. He motioned for me to wait a while before entering a back room. He emerged, holding a Mason jar that appeared to be full with dirt. It was definitely considerably heavier than ordinary dirt from the way he was carrying it in both hands!

He told me that his father, as well as, as I recall, his grandfather, were dentists in little towns in Montana back when it was still a territory. He then continued to tell me about the history of dentistry, including how various gold refiners would provide free sisal floor mats to dentists before the days of suction pumps and vacuum cleaners.

These floor mats would be placed in the operatories by the dentist to catch the gold and silver filings from the patients’ mouths. The ancient low-speed drills produced a lot of gold and silver dust and filings, the majority of which was inhaled by the patient or ended up in the floor mats. Sisal did a good job at capturing these metals. The refiners would deliver new mats to the dentist, who would then return the ‘old’ mats. The refiners would burn the mats to recover the metals and give the dentist a nominal payment – what a great symbiotic connection!