The Hidden Gem of Infinity Painting

Let’s pretend you’re using a 4 “In some Alkyd Enamel Paint, I used a fine China Bristle Paint Brush. Let’s say the paint didn’t cover in 1-2 coats due to the dark tint, which many don’t cover in one. So, what exactly do you do? In the newly shaped 2lb-7oz, a suitable disposable container can be close by. Blue plastic bottle with snap-on lid from Maxwell House Coffee. Fill the jar 2-3 times with water and cut a small X in the middle of the lid “Lacquer Thinner or Painters Mineral Spirits Placing the Paint Brush in the container, running the handle through the X on the cover, and snapping the lid shut while not in use and after each paint application. This will keep Brush moist and ready for the next use, requiring no cleanup other than blotting it dry on a clean rag the next time. Maxwell House Containers also make a great cut-in bucket with a simple built-in handle right on the container for easy handling and brush care. Infinity Painting┬áhas some nice tips on this.

If you don’t drink coffee and the Maxwell House Coffee container isn’t open, you’ll have to move on to the next step. Some of the extra plastic film and masking tape will come in handy here. Taking a paintbrush that has been loaded with paint and wrapping it up like a burrito. Using masking tape, fold all open ends and tape around Brush head to prevent leakage before unwrapping for the next paint use. If keeping the brush for an extended period of time, do not shake out any excess solvents until wrapping it up, as this will improve the shape of the Paint Brush and keep it in its original shape and form.I have no idea why plastic sheathing and masking tape were not available at the end of the painting project, but you now have a Paint Brush that will inevitably dry up if not properly cared for.