Tommy Adams Attorney Chronicles

“orneys Tommy Adams and Michael Knight are dedicated to putting you in a courtroom where you will receive the fair trial you deserve as soon as possible,” says his assistant, Jennifer Massey. ” Tommy and Michael have years of experience in both trial and appeal proceedings, so even if you’ve never filed a lawsuit in your life, they’ll be able to help you get through it.” Tommy and Michael have represented clients who were accused of a wide variety of crimes, including murder, drug possession, distribution of drugs, money laundering and more. They know the importance of being able to present an effective defense to a judge and jury, and they do their best to give you the best possible defense. If you are looking for more tips, check out Tommy Adams, Attorney

Tommy Adams is an accomplished criminal defense attorney with a solid track record. “orneys Tommy and Michael are dedicated to putting you in a courtroom where you will receive the fairest trial you can possibly get,” says his assistant, Jennifer Massey. “If your case does go to trial, they will aggressively argue your case to make sure you receive the maximum punishment. Even in cases where the evidence is too overwhelming and a guilty verdict is inevitable, Brownwood criminal defense attorney Tommy M. Adams will still negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf to find other alternatives or reduction of sentence. Whether you’ve been charged with something as minor as speeding or grand theft auto, if you don’t hire the right attorney, you could spend years in prison and be on the hook for a huge amount of money in fines, court costs and rehabilitation.

Tommy and Michael have many years of experience in the criminal justice field and have argued cases in all parts of the state. When you contact them for a consultation, you’ll be able to tell them what your goals are and they will be able to tell you how they can help you achieve those goals. You’ll get a chance to meet with several different criminal attorneys before making a final decision. Tommy and Michael are committed to giving you the best legal defense possible.