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Dermatology is an ordinary branch of medicine especially dealing with the epidermis. It’s a specialized specialization with both clinical and administrative aspects. Basically, a dermatologist is just a professional medical doctor who deals with skin, hair, nails, infections, and any other medical conditions related to the skin, including cosmetics, hair, and nail.
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Nowadays, even people with dermatology degree can earn additional income by providing their services outside their offices. These days, there are a lot of dermatologists who provide consultations for spa clients or offer beauty consultations for those who are suffering from alopecia, or losing their hair. Of course, if you want to make money as a dermatologist, it would be best if you have your own clinic and perform procedures in the comforts of your own home. However, since a lot of dermatology professionals work at hospitals or clinics, they usually work alone; so, some dermatologists may choose to work independently as well.
Many conditions such as allergies, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and certain forms of cancer can be related to normal skin growth, including hair, nails, or skin diseases. Normally, if a disease is related to the skin, it should be diagnosed through a biopsy, blood test, or allergy testing. Diagnosis of dermatology disorders and diseases are usually based on the patient history and the symptoms that the patient exhibits. It also involves determining the underlying cause of the symptoms in order for the appropriate treatment to be given.