What Does A Maritime Lawyer Do?

Maritime law or maritime litigation is a specialized body of civil law, which governs the legal relationship between commercial vessels and their passengers or crew, while in port or on the high seas. Maritime law can also include international laws governing the rights of those traveling on international waters, or who have rights to the same rights in respect of their property which is protected by maritime laws. There are different components of maritime litigation and every area of maritime law is referred to as a “sea law case”. Thus there are various maritime lawyers who specialize in different areas of maritime litigation. Maritime cases are also very complex and so maritime lawyers deal with the issues in an expertise manner.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Norfolk Maritime Lawyer

Maritime laws were originally designed for the protection of passengers of ships in international waters against acts of piracy and negligence. However, nowadays these laws are applicable in all nook and corner of the world and provide legal assistance to people in need of help whenever they face such accidents like cruise ship accident, ship wrecking or explosion, maritime mishap and ship sinking. Maritime lawyers provide services in the form of collective representation or individual representation to bring about maritime compensation claims. Claims can be made for injuries suffered on board a ship, damage to property and personal injury.

Claims can be made for any injury caused at the place of occurrence of the accident, whether it happened on the boat or on land. Damages to a person or his goods may also be claimed. It is necessary to appoint a maritime lawyer in such cases, in order to seek help from him. The lawyer will examine the facts of the accident and analyze the extent of the damage caused. Then he will calculate the amount of compensation to be given to the victim, taking into consideration all factors like loss of earnings, medical expenses, rehabilitation and so on.