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Home Care Importance

Home care is round-the-clock, comprehensive care provided by an independent caregiver within the person’s household, rather than care given in specialized nursing homes or clinics as opposed to home care offered in group residences such as nursing homes or clinics. Home care is also sometimes referred to as domiciliary care, public care or domiciliary therapy. Often times, a home care agency will provide services for less than what traditional long term care facilities would charge. Some home care agencies are also very flexible in scheduling patients and their care, while others require written agreements between the patient and the agency.Learn more about us at Home Care Philadelphia PA

As with any service or program that you choose, be sure to verify that your loved one can actually receive the services. Even if a Medicare or private insurance agency will cover some of the costs of home care, be sure to call in advance to make sure that your loved one’s coverage will take precedence over whatever plans or coverage the agency chooses not to include. The agency should also have a written agreement with Medicare or private insurance that outlines their preferred payment plan, which can vary significantly. It is important that the agency is able to offer your loved one a choice, because without it, Medicare or private insurance may pay for virtually everything related to their care!

It should be noted that the type of home health care your loved one receives depends upon a number of factors. One of the primary considerations will be whether they qualify for Medicaid, since most states have a coverage gap for Medicare supplemental insurance. Another common reason as to why home health provides is due to low income, since Medicare does not usually pay for boarding or assisted living expenses. For many seniors, however, the additional costs associated with home health care often outweigh the extra benefits provided.

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